Lido is an independent swimwear brand based in Venice, Italy. Founded in 2016 it is named after the Venetian island Lido. The brand's aim is to re-contextualize the beach experience through a modern eye with urban and self-confident women in mind reflecting a taste for subtleness and timelessness.

The collections are defined juxtaposing design and attention to detail, proposing each year a limited number of styles in custom developed colours. Each piece is handmade in Italy using only sustainable materials that are made a stone throw from where the swimsuits are manufactured.

Launching the project with 6 iconic fits and a palette of understated and solid colours, the brand has developed the following collections researching a contrast between earthy and bright tones, furthermore, deconstructing the archetypes of swimwear.

Since the very first collection the distribution of the brand has been focused on collaborations with retailers that although are inclined towards research towards contemporary trends have embraced the concept of the brand. The goal is to pursue the natural evolution of the concept consolidating a disposition towards lifestyle open to contamination that will result in a Lido total look.

Venice, Italy 30121

Sales Contact

Daria Stankiewicz
Tel: +39 (0) 36 6318 7237

Press Contact

Daria Stankiewicz
Tel: +39 (0) 36 631 87237

UK Stockists

Inneoss, London, UK

International Stockists

Aere, Milan, Italy
Bahama Mama, Milan, Italy
Cibone, Tokyo, Japan
Gaia, Cervia, Italy
Grand Prix, Verona, Italy
House W, Beijing, China
Hot Stuff, Jesolo, Italy
Imarika, Milan, Italy
Isle, Tokyo, Japan
Kimono, Vicenza, Italy
Le Streghe, Celle Ligure, Italy
Little Suzie, Japan
Lol, Rome, Italy
Maison des Vacances, Savona, Italy
Magasin Central, Le Bois Plage en Rè, France
Marinsel, Basel, Switzerland
Oui Shanghai, Shanghai, China
OTL, Lisbon/Porto, Portugal
Paris, Rome, Italy
Penelope/ Boy's Loft, Brescia, Italy
Playa by Lucy Folk, Bondi Beach, Australia
Rive Droite, Japan
Rroomm, Japan
Studio 11, Treviso, Italy
Studio 26, Mestre/Venice, Italy
Ssense, Montreal, Canada
The Attuale, Dubai, UAE
Tonolo Selezioni, Venice, Italy
Zoe, Pietrasanta, Italy