The brand ITALO MARSEGLIA was born in 2014 from the ambition of its namesake designer. Italo, who's a dreamer with a natural bent to mathematics, started working in Roman couture ateliers and then measured his creativity and improved his knowledges dealing with many fashion consultancies.  Alongside these experiences the designer keeps as cornerstones of his work the rigorous research for materials and the mathematical development of shapes, following the line of the "less is more". 


His creations come to life as two-dimensional shapes, following the geometric-mathematical process developed by the designer, and following the lines of the body gaining volume and adapting themselves to bodies and their movements, without the need of a canonical size. Thanks to the rigorous cuts and to the "mathematical shapes", every creation leaves freedom to everybody's shape and taste.


Accurate research and the meticulous study that lead Italo in the choice of materials – hanging in the balance between sartorial tradition and innovation, also allow the creation of "made to order" pieces. 


The collections are developed after the necessity of having a well-developed and well-finished piece. For this reason, each creation needs an adequate tailoring, representing its unique commodity-related features. This led the designer to meticulously choose only Italian studios able to finish the sartorial details of every piece.


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Via Piave 8, 00187 Roma 81058

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