GRETA BOLDINI is a brand founded in Rome in 2011 by designers Alexander Flagella and Michela Musco.

Greta Boldini's maison defines a new concept of couture: clear, every-day and expertly confectioned in all its refined glamour. This uncommon concept of elegance is delineated in the synthesis of sartorial tradition and an audacious, made-in-Italy experimentation in our manufacturing techniques, that join together when using highest quality fabrics. It is a contemporary elegance that is devoid of virtuosity but is as immaculate as the lines on our dresses, which are a concretisation of our perennial search of beauty, poetry and all emotions implicit in all artistic expression. This complex creative process generates an aesthetic vision rife with cultural inspiration, from which derives a sensuality that is skilfully dosed, continually perceptible, but never fully revealed.

In February 2016, our two designers decided to part ways, entrusting their creative venture to the hands of Alexander Flagella, who remains to this day the sole creative director of GRETA BOLDINI.

Having been in the finals of W.I.O.N. 2013, the international competition promoted by VOGUE ITALIA and ALTAROMA, today GRETA BOLDINI has been presenting its own personal collections In Milan, Paris and Shanghai. Torino 6, Avigliana (TO) 10051

Sales Contact

Simona Germiniani
Tel: +39 (0) 34 80 144071
Mobile: +39 (0) 3480 144071

Press Contact

Erika Barutello
Tel: +39 (0) 34 6376 2975
Mobile: +39 (0) 346 376297


Simona Germiniani
Mobile: +39 (0) 3480 376297


Erika Barutello
Mobile: +39 (0) 3463 762975

International Stockists

Coin Excelsior - Rome (ITALY)
Cortesi - Pavia (ITALY)
Giglio- Palermo (ITALY)
So-To- Saint Tropez (FRANCE)
Vakko – Istanbul (TURKEY)
Asylum – (BAHREIN)
Sauvage – Almaty (KAZAKHSTAN)
Fair Minerva – Chengdu (CHINA)
So What – Chengdu (CHINA)
Martha – Kumamoto (JAPAN)
Esty’s – New York (USA)
Maison Jolie - Houston (USA)
Desperate - Los Angeles (USA)