Richard Malone

Richard Malone

Catwalk show

14 Feb 2020, 15:00

Malone's unique style takes great inspiration from sculpture. Nearly all of his research is conducted primarily by engaging in his surroundings, taking much of his inspiration from Ireland's rebellious working class teens. In a knowingly tawdry colour palette of ‘supermarket' blue, green and yellow – the brazen colours he is endlessly enamoured by – Malone frequently explores what he designs as ‘weird contrasts.'

As noted by Olivia Singer for British Vogue, ‘One of Malone's remarkable talents is his ability to translate inspiration found in his hometown of Wexford, Ireland - this season, the diverse mix of women he would see at the local pub - and translate them into elegantly-constructed garments that are simultaneously sculptural and easy to wear.'

Whilst progressive, the collections are deeply rooted in reality - Malone works with a number of private clients (many are art industry executives or gallerists) on one-off commissions, and as such spends much of his time developing a deep understanding of what his audience really wants to wear.

Malone is an advocate for sustainable fashion. Sourcing the yarns for his collections from the Himalayas, he works with a community of female artisans in Tamil Nadu, Southern India, to hand-weave the fabrics and dye them naturally. Malone is strongly against the mass production involved in the fashion industry.

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Sophie Jewes
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