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Dover Street Market

17-18 Dover Street

Raison d'être: Its roster of creative collaborations such as Comme des Garcons Shirt and Supreme; plus its newly renovated shoe and bag space on Third, where you’ll find brands such as Paco Rabanne and Givenchy.

Interior: Rei Kawakubo’s 6-storey shopping haven where avant-garde fashion sits comfortably next to curiosities in stripped-back, industrially elegant surroundings, to use her words: “an ongoing atmosphere of beautiful chaos”.

Why Go:
If you can manage to get past your own shopping list (it’s tricky) DSM is great for gifts. From unusual books to divine trinkets, you’ll find it all here.

Most likely to see: Anyone and everyone from the world of fashion plus many a celebrity pass through their doors.

Comme des Garcons, Labour and Wait, Lanvin, Alaia, Delvaux, Repossi, Damir Doma, Paul Harnden, Celine, Daniela Gregis, Tom Binns and more.

Everyone's buying: Comme des Garcons PLAY t-shirts from the ‘hut’ at the entrance.

The Rose bakery on the 4th floor is one of the chicest lunch spots in town, enjoy a homemade quiche and green tea while mulling over that Comme des Garcons dress or pair of Buruk Uyan heels.