Established in Madrid in 2015, GOYA presents a core collection of sandals inspired by the traditional 'Menorquina' shoe, as worn for more than a century on Spain's Mediterranean islands. The brand's modern interpretation of this timeless silhouette delivers a sleek staple sandal suited to contemporary lifestyles.

GOYA works with artisans in Spain's prestigious shoe manufacturing region of Alicante; experienced production teams handle premium leathers and materials to deliver a beautiful product, proudly 'Hecho en España', Made in Spain.


Founded by Kimberley Tecles-Byrom, following 10 years in the fashion industry (NET-A-PORTER, Alexander McQueen and luxury consultancy), the inspiration to create GOYA came after relocating to Madrid and from holiday on the Spanish island of Formentera, where menorquina shoes are popular throughout The Balearics. Tecles-Byrom has Spanish ancestry and named the brand after her paternal Mexican Grandmother, Goya.

Spanish production and leather sourcing are of key importance to the brand vision, in addition to a focused yet transeasonal approach to the development of the collections, which are largely offered as carry-over styles that blend from season to season, with the vision to embolden a slow fashion approach and a consumer perspective of product longevity.

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Kimberley Tecles-Byrom
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Bruno Busson
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