"Solstice", for S/S 2019 we continue drawing inspiration from the connection between art and fashion. Influenced by art collector Peggy Guggenheim's quirky style and Éric Rohmer's movies featuring carefree Summer holidays in the French Riviera. Mixing the everyday and commonplace knits with a nod to the late 60's and 70's bohemian lifestyle. Nonchalant style meant to be layered and thrown on in multiple different combinations for the longest period of daylight. 


The colour palette is vibrant and soft at the same time. Bright tangerine, softened lime green, pale yellow and hazy blue mix with black and white, the true protagonists. The general mood of this collection is light-hearted and soulful, transporting us from sweeping beaches to the top of billowy hills.


Our key pieces are a reinterpretation of the 70's staples: 

·         the checked suit turns into a fine jacquard knit set with ribbed detailing

·         the bohemian kaftan (translated also into a tunic and skirt) is handmade in bold diamond shape crochet and intended to be layered

·         the Entrelac crafty sweater in a boxy fit with open sleeves and cuff ties whose checked motive is also used in a fine sleeveless dress

·         the traditional cable sweater knitted loosely and featuring again sleeve slits 

·         ribbed skinny sweater in bright tangerine and lime

·         Sheer ribbed tunic and pants both in bold colour and neutrals







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