BACKGROUND: Veja is a French footwear, bags and accessories brand. All is produced in Brazil where the dignity of workforce and the impact on the environment are respected.

SIGNATURES: “French stylist Domino Lattes has lent her strong design signature to Veja for 3 seasons.  For AW13 the pallet is inspired by American Varsity colours.”

IDEAL CLIENT: “We are not focused on age; all our collections are meant for everyone. Our ideal client would be style conscious and aware of environmental and social issues.”

TRADEMARK PIECE: “Our capsule collection that features photographic prints by Greg Asner is our trademark style at the moment. Greg Asner is a research professor in the Carnegie Institution’s Department of Global Ecology and in the Department of Environmental Earth System Science at Stanford University. His scientific training spans the fields of ecology, primary and tropical forests and deserts. Dr. Greg Asner’s works and his mapping of the Amazon (pictures showing the amount of carbon locked up in forests) where Veja sources its rubber has inspired this colourful print on our shoes.”

THE COLLECTION: “Since 2004, Veja has created trainers, bags and accessories which combine principles of economic, social and environmental development. The Veja project is founded on a positive chain from the producers to the consumers.

The AW13 collection focuses on high quality products, made of leather and suede tanned with acacia extracts, and organic cotton canvas. The colours are inspired by American universities, while styles arise from vintage and modern influences.”

CULTURAL INFLUENCES: “Veja is influenced by urban style and culture, particularly that of France and Brazil, the two spiritual homes of our brand. We are touched by artists from Sao Paulo and professors of science such as Greg Asner, designing what Veja wants to reflect to its customers: innovative and committed products.

In 2003, the two founders of Veja travelled around the world studying sustainable development projects. They have looked for solutions to the problems of our times in Chinese factories, South-African mines and the Amazon rainforest: massive deforestation, exhaustion of natural resources and labour exploitation.”

PLANS FOR 2013: “We have planned more exciting collaborations and a bigger commitment to environmental issues is in the pipeline.”

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