We have mastered the art of watch making by creating timepieces for almost 30 years, now we feel is time to spread the world by investing in a young and vibrant brand.

ADEXE’s launch in the UK symbolises a cultural and economic disruption where a global presence takes place blurring the boundaries between local x global business and establishing a new hybrid and fluid brand identity. ADEXE represents the new status quo for the generations Z and Y. A young London-based brand whose heritage is a traditional watch manufacturer family business in Hong Kong.

The family’s core values transparency, authenticity and non-conformism is imbued in every single piece they produce. Launching two collections per year with more than 60 SKU in each, ADEXE is responsible for generating around 40, 000 watches a year. Although “Made in China” often has negative connotations, we have seen a significant change in this mentality with China set to become the world’s fastest growing economy. When it comes to the watch industry there are no expressive leading brands representing the market globally. ADEXE was born to change this assumption.

We want to influence the idea that Western consumers can associate Asian countries with a competitive advantage other than low cost and low quality, by creating high-quality watches with affordable prices. By creating timepieces with bespoke workmanship and commitment to a forgotten craft, ADEXE represents the rebirth of an age-old tradition with an edgy twist.

The company’s target lifestyle is the highly demanding consumers from generation Z and Y who shape the ‘globetrotter’ culture. Venturing around the world in search of new experiences, admiring and capturing the finer details in life. ADEXE’s brand DNA embraces the fast-paced and always changing cosmopolitan city life, mixed with the cool and genuine British spirit. Diversity, mobility, minimalism and elegance are key concepts for ADEXE’s first design collection; ‘PREMIERE’. Inspired by travel and urban landscape and expressing the authentic London cultural blend, ADEXE’s latest collection ‘MUSES’ present cutting edge designs incorporating the traditional brand values whilst producing innovative and temporal mechanical timepieces. 

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