Morv London

Morv London
Morvarid Sahafi, is the Iranian born, London based artist and designer of Morv London and Morv Moon. Born in Iran during the Revolution, Morv experienced many different countries and cultures in her formative years. As a young child, her family soon fled to nearby Afghanistan as a result of her father’s activism in politics. Subsequent childhood years were then spent between Afghanistan and Russia due to the conflict between the Taliban and Russians. Some six years later, the war eventually forced the family to move to Czechoslovakia. Following the Velvet Revolution of 1989, Morv and her family fled to Sweden where she developed her passion for clothes and learnt how to stitch.

At 18, Morv won a scholarship to Parsons School of Design in Paris which she followed with a Master’s in Contemporary Art Theory and Philosophy at Goldsmiths in London. Morv initially worked as an Art Consultant at the contemporary Middle Eastern art gallery Rose Issa for 8 years. It was during this time that she finally decided to launch her own collection. She travelled to India and returned with a collection that was then immediately launched at Selfridges and Avenue 32. After the success of her first collection, Morv continues to design seasonal collections that are produced in her own factory that she set up in Noida, New Delhi.

Passionate about art, fashion and female empowerment, both Morv London and Morv Moon allow her to expertly blend both skills and explore her endless creativity, resulting in unique and striking collections that are inspired by the vibrant colours and textures of her childhood alongside her father’s love of 70's music.

“My aim is to spread awareness to our consumers about the issues that women face in society. Through our prints and cuts, we wish to use the garments as a platform to advocate women’s empowerment.”

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