Boo Pala

Boo Pala
Boo Pala is an artist and designer who uses fashion to refine the world's imperfections into something complete and memorable. With an emphasis on the minimal and masculine, Boo simultaneously explores with vibrant colours and textures. Pushing the boundaries of silhouettes and textiles, Boo Pala is fashion for the colourful soul.

Reflecting on the changing music and art scene in London, Boo shifts to a darker palette this season. Ignited by the sudden closure of Fabric, the autumn/winter 17 collection brings this important creative space back in a more literal sense. Using prints and textures inspired by the lights and shadows of Fabric's dance floor, Boo Pala's autumn/winter 17 collection inspires us to Beat the System and find our own fabric, in a creative and urgent battle for freedom.

Beat the System translates London's changing creative scene onto the runway. It's easy to be cynical about the reductive and tired creative space of the city, but for Boo it's an opportunity for innovation rather than stasis. Instead of decrying an outright decline in creative culture, this collection has the potential to inspire strength, with the goal of creative preservation in a way that feels natural to consumers. Boo Pala is stocked in the UK and internationally and will be part of the Black PR showroom this season.

19 Springfield House Lofts
5 Tyssen Street
London E8 2LY

Sales Contact

Rebecca Myers
Tel: +44 (0) 20 7254 884

Press Contact

Becca Myers
Tel: +44 (0) 20 7254 9884