Jiwon was born in South Korea in 1983. She always wanted to pursue a career in fashion since she was a child. To follow her dream, she went on to study Fashion Design at the Academy of Arts University, San Francisco (2002-2006) where she graduated top of the class and won the inaugural Alexander McQueen Scholarship Prize.


She came to London in 2006 and worked at Alexander McQueen to prepare for the AW 2007. She recalls that this was a great opportunity where she combined her academic skills with her practical knowledge. After completing her time in the UK, she went back to the US where she was recruited to work at Ports 1961 where she worked to deliver the Ready To Wear collection.

She was later recruited to work at Jas MB as brand director where she launched a successful knitwear line in a short period of time. She says that the opportunity at Jas MB consolidated her holistic knowledge of knitwear as she oversaw the entire production from research to manufacture. Her subject matter expertise and subsequent experiences at Roland Mouret gave her the platform to have the holistic understanding of collection.


With her extensive experience, she has launched her brand, J.won where she hope to combine her brand concept with colour, experimentation and collaboration of different materials to add unique identity to the brand, here in London. The concept is to empower women but remain sophisticated, practical yet chic, unique but with a wide appeal. Combining these attributes bring the feeling of exclusivity and power to women who can wear it according to their own fashion preferences.

Jiwon, the head designer, believes that knitwear should not just be about comfort but portray style and clear identity for those who wear it. She seeks to bring these themes out by combining colour, collaboration of various techniques and experimentation of combining new and old to ensure that the collection is not just 'trendy,' but bring a classical feel to knitwear.

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49 Pennington Street
Bow Arts
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