Founded on a love of art and a steadfast commitment to the highest forms of craftsmanship, Ennigaldi is a new luxury accessories brand that merges an appreciation of art from the past with exquisite contemporary design.

Named after the Ancient Babylonian princess who curated the world's first museum, Ennigaldi draws inspiration from the art of different eras, channeling its transcendent beauty into contemporary pieces that are both timeless and unique. Featuring laser-cut motifs in leather sourced from the finest French and Italian tanneries, Italian hardware and the meticulous work of Italian and English craftsmen, an Ennigaldi handbag is not only inspired by art but is a work of art in itself.

Alongside pieces from their classic Mesopotamia collection, Ennigaldi will be unveiling a new capsule collection for spring/summer 18. Stemming from the ancient architectural principles of Ennigaldi’s initial Babylonian-inspired designs, the Geo Collection comprises of three simplified shapes that are perfectly balanced between functionality and everyday elegance.

Studio 403
The Pill Box
115 Coventry Road
London E2 6GG


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