Dalia Daou
NEW DESIGNER OF THE YEAR 2016  Elegant, contemporary fine jewellery, designed thoughtfully and made to exceptional quality. Designed by Dalia Daou in London, revived after an interrupted but glorious history since 1930 with clients including royalty and stars such as beautiful Brigitte Bardot and Grace Kelly. 

The combination of Dalia’s scientific background and artistic flair create unique and eye-catching pieces, informed by three generations of glamorous jewellery heritage. Combining these and a lifetime of familiarity with fine jewellery, has led to a multi-faceted understanding of the art and science of designing precious jewellery; the sculptural three-dimensionality and important considerations of how pieces are worn, and the particular high quality details which create lasting treasures all contributing to Daou designs. Inspirations often reference the properties of light and geometry and their wondrous phenomena. 

WSM Connect House
133-137 Alexandra Road
London SW19 7JY


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Dalia Daou
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