O Thongthai

O Thongthai
O Thongthai's distinctive approach to contemporary jewelry design by integrating the elements of both masculinity and femininity have made it instantly recognizable. 
As a graduate in creative education from Central Saint Martins with technical expertise in Gemology therefore each design is handcrafted in the studio before being casted, plated in precious metals and set with semi-precious stones. O' Thongthai experiments with gender boundaries, redefining the parameters of modern costume jewelry. Her signature is her dedication in the balance between style, design, and commerciality. 
Spring/Summer 2016 sees O' Thongthai explore Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. The tragedy of lust, love, bitterness and despair. Finding beauty in unexpected places and the moments of light amidst the darkest of times is a recurring theme in O' Thongthai's work as paralleled to romanticism and grief of the story's narrative. Poison and opium become the center of visual hook throughout the collection represented through feminine flower coated in enamel and set with Swarovski crystals. Heavy snaking resin marbled chokers keeps a firm hold on the throat. While religious iconography and crosses are references to Baz Luhrmann's contemporary interpretations of this masterpiece in peacock, navy, and natural pearls. Each piece is created using brass coated in 18k gold  and Rhodium.

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