Awon Golding Millinery

Awon Golding Millinery


BACKGROUND: Awon Golding was born in Hong Kong and currently resides in East London. She is of Indian and British heritage.

SIGNATURES: “Modern design with a sophisticated feminine edge; classic with a smile-inducing twist.”

TRADEMARK PIECE: “Doppio Gelato headpiece.”

THE COLLECTION: “I am basing the spring/summer 2015 collection on my Tangkhul Naga (North-East Indian) tribal roots: couture millinery with an ethnic edge. I'm doing research at the Pitt-Rivers Museum in Oxford which holds one of the best anthropological collections of Naga artefacts in the world.”

WHAT DO YOU CONSIDER YOUR GREATEST ACHIEVEMENT?  “Aside from being selected to be part of Headonism my biggest millinery achievement is simply getting this far. It’s so easy to give up when you’re a one woman show so sticking with it to this point is definitely a feather in my cap.” 

IF YOU COULD DRESS ANYONE, WHO WOULD IT BE AND WHY? “Tilda Swinton. She's simply sublime, an amazing combination of fragility and strength, and always looks incredibly chic. I have a major girl-crush on her at the moment and even based my autumn/winter 2014 collection on her recent movie: Only Lovers Left Alive.”

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Studio 4, P1 Studio, Mocha Court
14 Taylor Place, Payne Road
E3 2PQ

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Awon Golding
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