BACKGROUNDRUIFIER is a London-based label. RUIFIER launched in September 2013 with two sterling silver collections, they have now also launched their first fine jewellery collections in 18ct gold.

SIGNATURES: “Geometric design, taking inspiration from the graphic lines of architecture and linear rays of light, creating designs that are both natural and modern. Each piece contains structural elements and is made from the highest quality materials.”

THE COLLECTION: “The new fine jewellery collections take inspiration from light within the natural world. The trademark Celestial collection includes the trademark RUIFIER elements, using geometric shapes and taking inspiration from the paths of the sun, moon and natural rays of light, while the Galaxy collections echo the swirling shapes of galaxies in the night sky. The Stella collection plays with the reflections of light and mirrored forms within its polished setting, while the Visage ring contains stars and moons that can be stacked to form a number of different shapes.”

WHAT DO YOU CONSIDER YOUR GREATEST ACHIEVMENT? “Building RUIFIER as a brand has been a great achievement in itself, from our initial launch to the release of our first fine jewellery collections. Our focus is to continue moving forward and give ourselves new challenges to keep RUIFIER at the forefront of jewellery design. “

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10 Angel Gate
City Road

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Tiho Kostadinov
Tel: +44 (0) 20 7060 2288

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Linda Kellner
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