The Brand:
RUIFIER is jewellery designed for all occasions, created from the highest quality materials and crafted by artisans. Geometric structures form the essence of RUIFIER, architectural inspirations translate into clean, linear designs that are studded with precious gemstones, creating shapes that are both modern and timeless.
RUIFIER Jewellery can be worn in a variety of different ways, as individual, sculptural pieces or combined in harmonious fusion. All of these elements are crucial to the RUIFIER aesthetic, jewellery designed to be treasured, worn and loved.

The Designer:
The designs embody Rachel Shaw, the designer’s, inspirations, personality and elements of her character. Through her designs Rachel has transformed jewellery into a form of self-expression, allowing the pieces to become a visual representation of the person themselves. The designs are also relatable and every wearer can discover personal elements within the designs.

The Collections:
The meaning of RUIFIER is taken from the phrase ‘reify’, to turn an abstract idea into a concrete object.
The debut collections embodied the RUIFIER aesthetic with technological innovation, architectural inspirations and strong, bold design. This aesthetic continued through to the launch of the fine jewellery collections, crafted from 18ct gold with precious and semi-precious gemstones.

The wide variety of designs within the fine jewellery collections continue to personify the meaning of RUIFIER, turning emotions, inspirations and moods into tangible pieces of jewellery. The versatility of the RUIFIER aesthetic lends itself to beloved designs, from the Visage collection that translates feelings into precious jewellery, to the Solstice collections that introduces pieces that interlock and are adaptable.
The combination of architecture, geometry and personal emotions ensures collections that are modern, personal and versatile.

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