Noritamy is a jewelry label that reflects the fascinating encounter of fashion and architecture. Designed by jeweler Tammar Edelman and architect Elinor Avni, the label brings about the modern in a classic way. The collection reflects on the eternal debate between these two trades, with dramatic, finessed pieces.
The intelligent combination of high end metals with a variety of other materials such as wood, polymers, fabric and leather gives the jewelry a luxurious and exclusive look and feel. The designs are dominant yet improve one’s look without overshadowing it. This effect is created through its clean and minimalistic design, which is the outcome of subtle sophisticated planning.
Noritamy jewelry, reflects Noritamy designers thought process and attention to the desired overall “look of their clients this attention to detail applies to every single piece. Each piece stands on its own as a total-look creator for the customer. Nevertheless, within the collection there are numerous possibilities to combine pieces to sustain a greater effect. The duo’s jewelry is created as part of an outfit and at first glance seems to be able to sustain an effect more than clothing could ever do.
Distributed worldwide, the choice of materials the architectural artwork, the superb craftsmanship that is evident in each piece, creates a sense of the classic and the ageless; each jewel seems as everlasting as the idea that gave it life.

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Tel: +44 (0) 20 8371 0963
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