Cléo Ferin Mercury

Cléo Ferin Mercury
Cleo Ferin Mercury is a London based independent designer who makes silk accessories for style lovers of all ages. Cleo playfully updates traditional products, using bold designs for a contemporary audience. At a young age she inherited a passion for scarves from her Parisian grandmother who also taught her the art of needlework. "Hand rolling is at least four stitches per centimetre!" she once told Cleo. This attention to detail, quality and heritage is there to see in all her products. Cleo launched her first collection of narrative-based silk scarves in 2010 in a small number of selected boutiques in London. Building upon this success she now produces two collections per year and has extended her range to include detachable collars and pocket squares. She has also been commissioned by numerous brands including Tatty Devine and Lomography.

Sales Contact

Kirsty Merrett
Tel: +44 (0) 79 2181 1571

Press Contact

Christopher Lam
Tel: +44 (0) 79 0040 3256