Cléo Ferin Mercury

Cléo Ferin Mercury

BACKGROUND: Originally from Paris, Cléo studied at the London College of Communication in London, graduating in 2009, and has previously worked for womenswear designer Amechi Ihenacho and assisted with textile design at Alexander McQueen. She has also contributed to a few issues of science and art magazine, Okido.

DESIGN SIGNATURES: “A combination of bold illustrations and bright colour prints.”

TRADEMARK PIECE: “Our trademark piece is the luxurious silk square scarf, on which we design prints with beautiful bright colours and narrative patterns.”

COLLECTION: “The inspiration of the upcoming line is the circus and its numerous acts, including harlequins, trapezistes and magicians. Their beautiful costumes, the sparkles, the music, the bright colours of the circus tents; it’s a very joyful place and I have tried to recreate that atmosphere!

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