For over 200 years, the Crombie name has been synonymous with authentic British style. Established at the dawn of the industrial age, the Crombie brand became renowned for its meticulous craftsmanship, earning it a place among the founding fathers of modern luxury.
The Crombie family rose to be powerful figures in British life, gaining renown for their roles in art, politics and literature. The company they established went on to achieve lasting recognition: successive generations of monarchs from George V to Elizabeth II, and the 20th century's most enduring icons from the Duke of Windsor and John F. Kennedy to Clarke Gable and Cary Grant, carried Crombie's effortless style into the modern age.
The brand's enduring quality and elegance have allowed it to be rediscovered afresh by every generation. The company continues to use the finest British and Italian wools, tweeds and cashmeres to create its legendary menswear. Crombie continues its unique tradition - one of unrivalled heritage, unsurpassed quality, and unequalled style.

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