BACKGROUND: Mawi is from India. She studied at the Auckland Institute of Technology. Before founding Mawi, she worked at Izaac Mizrahi.”

SIGNATURES: “Unique, strong and individual.”

TRADEMARK PIECE: “The sunray tube necklace.”

THE COLLECTION: “I draw a lot of my inspiration from youth subcultures, punk attitude and styling, industrial design, and music, as well as the art world and architecture. I am always looking for fresh influences from a wide variety of sources and my work is all about combining elements of this eclectic mix, resulting in ever evolving multi-dimensional designs.  My upbringing and travels are also a huge source of inspiration – I was born in Manipur, India and grew up all over the world, experiencing many different countries and cultures, resulting in my eclectic aesthetic and adventurous outlook.”

WHAT DO YOU CONSIDER YOUR GREATEST ACHIEVEMENT? “I have had many brilliant achievements so far.  From having some of the world’s most beautiful and powerful women wearing our designs to winning the Walpole Luxury Brands of Tomorrow, to seeing everyday people in the street wearing MAWI – these are all proud moments. We’ve successfully evolved as a leading accessories brand; we’ve opened two flagship stores, launched new handbag collections and have worked on collaborations with some of fashion’s most iconic names. The brand continues to expand into new territories as well as maintaining and growing our top accounts globally – the sky’s the limit.”

IF YOU COULD DRESS ANYONE, WHO WOULD IT BE AND WHY? “We do work with a lot of A-list stars, and celebrity endorsement is definitely a thrill but it is just as rewarding seeing the ordinary person on the street wearing our jewels.”

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