Henrietta Ludgate

Henrietta Ludgate

DESIGNER NAME: Henrietta Ludgate

BACKGROUND: Henrietta is from Scotland. She graduated from Central Saint Martins School of Art. After graduating she freelanced as a costume designer, working with companies including Channel 4 and the BBC. She then went on to spend several years working with Osman Yousefzada.

SIGNATURES: “Structural, minimalist design. My designs are sophisticated with an edge, an aesthetic highlight of sharp lines and drapes to follow the contours of the body. Using an architectural approach I employ Schiaparelli’s wit in ways honouring my heritage with the use of luxurious fabrics sourced in Britain.”

TRADEMARK PIECE: “The Aurora dress, available in black, pink, white, silver and amethyst. It’s a simple, signature piece that is fun and easy to wear.”

IDEAL CLIENT: “The girl in the room with the big smile having the time of her life.”

THE COLLECTION: “A maintained minimalistic, sculptural style this season while introducing heavier wools and dense textures to the collection.”

CULTURAL INFLUENCES: “The Highlands is an incredibly idyllic environment for a child. Growing up, my imagination would run as wild as the environment outside my door. I still draw inspiration from the surroundings of my youth, often combining them with other influences. Avant-garde artists from 1930s Paris have also encouraged my design process.”

PLANS FOR 2013: “I am intent on making my work-shop an exciting creative space for artists and craftspeople. The brand which bears my name may be small at the moment but I have big plans for 2013; I am often heard saying that I am building the ‘couture house of the future’.”

Work Shop
Whiteleys, 144 Queensway
London W2 4YN


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