Markus Lupfer

Markus Lupfer


18 Febr 2017, 13:30 - 15:30

London-based designer Markus Lupfer graduated from the University of Westminster with a first-class honours degree, in 1997. Thanks to his unique style and the artful way Lupfer refreshes everyday basics, the German-born designer didn’t wait long for commercial success. His critically acclaimed final year collection was immediately bought by fashion boutique Koh Samui. And shortly after that he was awarded the New Generation Award, in 2001, allowing him to show the label that bears his name. 

Markus Lupfer became a regular on the London Fashion Week schedule until February 2003, before joining Spanish fashion house Armand Basi in 2006, where he was design director until 2009. In 2008 Markus Lupfer won ‘Best Designer of the Year’, at the Prix de la Mode Awards, in Spain. Lupfer’s innovative designs have also created opportunities for collaborations and consultancy projects with Ruffo, Cacharel, Mulberry, and, of course, Armand Basi One womenswear – which he turned into a must-see London Fashion Week show.

In 2010, Markus reintroduced his collections to the London Fashion Week schedule, hosting light-hearted, refreshing and highly acclaimed presentations.  AW12 will be the second season for Markus to be part of’s Video Fashion Week.

Lupfer is acclaimed for his exceptional knitwear and inspired approach to jersey tailoring. His innovative use of print and experimentation with embroidery, and graphic embellishment, continues to earn him a devoted celebrity following, with fans including Madonna, Olivia Palermo, Lydia Hearst, Alexa Chung, Tennessee Thomas, Irina Lazareanu, Edie Campbell, Rhianna, Beyonce, Anna Friel and Gossip Girl’s Leighton Meister. 

Markus Lupfer’s experimental and exceptional approach to sequined embroidery has won him fans the world over. Particularly, straight talking fashion journalist Sarah Mower who recognizes the cult fan base Lupfer is quickly acclaiming:
“Markus Lupfer's been very clever in making his sequined sweaters an item with a bit of a cult following that draws followers from a really surprisingly broad customer-base. They strike such a great balance between easy and dressed-up and witty and smart - pieces to make people from teenagers to grown ups smile and feel good in it almost anywhere.”

Lupfer’s unique style breathes new life into the everyday basics and refreshes the concept of classic knitwear, creating wearable clothing with an ornamental feel.

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