Buba London

Buba London
After meeting thirteen years ago on their individual travels around Asia, Euan McDonald and Lesley Silwood joined together to create the unique accessories brand, Buba London. Previously Euan had worked in Asia and had created ‘Jade Inc’ with Jade Jagger, whilst Lesley worked as a fashion photographer for such well-known publications as The Guardian and Junior Magazine. The name ‘Buba’ indicates their union; its a name they call each other as well as a term of endearment in other languages.

Euan and Lesley have been inspired by a wide range of different cultures, exotic colours, and hand – crafted techniques from around the world combined with the florescent glamour of the Goa techno scene. The accessories line has become a prestigious brand amongst glamorous women all over the world and showcased in Harvey Nichols, One and Only Resorts and HP France Concento, Japan

Buba London production takes place in India. Their collections use handcrafted traditions making each piece unique and establishing Buba London as distinctive from any other accessories line. All creations are hand made and personal to the collection something that is very important to the Buba team not only because they produce a finer product but also to ensure that these traditions are not fully replaced by new technology. Designer Euan begins the process by drawing each individual design by hand and sourcing materials worldwide. The designs are then taken to India, where Euan works directly with the Artisans applying these designs to the finest leathers to produce truly luxury products.

Buba pieces are adorned with Swarovski crystals and semi-precious stones in a variety of impressive colours. Over the past few seasons, they have expanded their collection to include jewellery; reuniting Euan with his first passion. Using the same handcrafted techniques and quality decoration that has made Buba London so unique as a company.

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Studio 3, The Scene Dock
Halliford Film Studios
Manygate Lane
TW17 9EG

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