Ekaterina Kukhareva

Ekaterina Kukhareva
Ekaterina Kukhareva launched her eponymous knitwear line in 2009 after graduating from Central Saint Martin’s with BA in Textiles in London.
Producing unique knitted fabric, this label is known for its luxury hand-made trimmings. A compilation of hand worked macramé, crochet, fringing and knotting mixed with machine knitted unique jacquards and intarsias in bold and bright colour scheme, add elaborate glamour to Ekaterina's collections and make the timeless pieces stand out.
Ekaterina’s signature is in her fabrics, as they are all unique and original and have the following of high-profile celebrities such as Brandy, Nicki Minaj and Charlotte Ross to name a few. The Collections are aimed at the high end of the luxury market.
With gorgeous weaving techniques, unusual shapes, and futuristic patterns, Еkaterina Kukhareva employs natural fabrics like wool, cotton and viscose. Ekaterina's woman has eccentric and demanding style, she loves to show her femininity and her sensual style.

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Kateryna Potapova
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