Chelsea Paris

Chelsea Paris
DESIGNER NAME: Theresa Ebagua

BACKGROUND: Ebagua was born in Nigeria and spent her teenage years in the UK. The designer gained her footwear education at ARS Sutoria in Milan where she also worked in a factory alongside artisan shoemakers. Ebagua has also spent time in the United States and France and is currently based back in the UK.

“Strong lines that play between feminine and modern silhouettes.”

TRADEMARK PIECE: “‘The Jasmine’ with its curving court upper and biomorphic platform; it's our signature pump.”

THE COLLECTION: “Chelsea Paris takes an artisan approach to the brand’s signature Art Deco elegance, blended with organic geometric shapes inspired by African textiles and sculptures. The result is edgy graphically layered uppers alongside classical soft feminine shapes.”

WHAT DO YOU CONSIDER YOUR GREATEST ACHIEVEMENT: “I have three children Chelsea, Eldridge and Paris: where I got the inspiration to start Chelsea Paris. I want to teach my children that you should follow your passion and they inspire me on a daily basis, they are my greatest achievement.”

IF YOU COULD DRESS ANYONE, WHO WOULD IT BE AND WHY? “I would love to style Marion Cotillard; she’s always graceful and fearless. I would put her in a pair of our black and white snakeskin Yemi sandals.”

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136 - 144
New Kings Road

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Theresa Ebagua
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