Rosemary Goodenough

Rosemary Goodenough

DESIGNER NAME: Rosemary Goodenough

BACKGROUND: Rosemary Goodenough studied privately in both Scotland and Italy.

SIGNATURES: "Luxury label with elegant brand bespoke packaging"

TRADEMARK PIECE: ‘The Springing Tulips IX' 90cm x 90cm classic silk twill scarf.’

WHAT DO YOU CONSIDER YOUR GREATEST ACHIEVEMENT? “Designing the first Rosemary Goodenough tops, skirts and coats and dresses to be shown at London Fashion Week for spring/summer 2015.  It was a big leap for the label to move from accessories and for me it was technically very challenging as I wanted to create a collection of metamorphic designs that can be easily customised by the wearer. Skirts become tops, tops become skirts, my coat can become a dress, it was a very stimulating process and I had huge fun designing them.”

THE COLLECTION:  “A new range of Parliament Dawn long velvet scarves in 6 colourways and The Metamorphics collection' of coats, dresses, tops and skirts. The sumptuous quality of my fabrics inspires me to create more exciting designs each season, always inspired by my own oil paintings.”

IF YOU COULD DRESS ANYONE, WHO WOULD IT BE AND WHY?: "Marie-Antoinette because she had her own very distinctive look and was absolutely mad about clothes - a fashion designer's dream. It would be great to have seen her in very cool 21st Century design.”

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