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DESIGNER NAME: Eugenia Simo Grijalbo and Laura Alfreda Fraser

BACKGROUND: Eugenia: “I'm from Barcelona, Spain. I've studied all sorts of subjects, from art to cookery and now I'm studying Biomedicine. I've also worked for my family's publishing house.”
Laura: “I’m a course addict and have done so many I can’t even remember, from photography to sewing to trying to learn how to do horse stunts for film. My concentration is terrible so I have to keep mixing things up or I drift off. Equally as many little jobs, festivals, car boot sales, curating shows; I think it’s important for me to keep things chaotic. I tried being a shop assistant but I freaked out as I had to keep the rails equidistance apart and that messed with my OCD!”

SIGNATURES: Eugenia: “Frills, lace and striking!”
Laura: “I want them to look like the icing on the cake, make them so beautiful you can go out wearing nothing but a scrunchie and be laughing!”

TRADEMARK PIECE: Eugenia: “Everyone loves the pompons.”
Laura: “Probably the one Clara Paget wore in our last MCS video, ‘Las Bandidas’ and the ‘Isabella’ went down a treat.”

IDEAL CLIENT: Eugenia: “Frida Kahlo would be the ideal but as that is not possible I'd be content with Beyoncé.”
Laura: “Well ideally I would like everyone to be in MCS, I think it’s great to see kids and elders wearing them. I would like to see them in schools but I think they are banned for being too frilly!”

THE COLLECTION: Eugenia: “Flamenco and African prints, animals, gold and glittery mermaid colours and always frills and lace.”
Laura: “We wanted to make a more sophisticated range, so what better way to be sophisticated then to use satins, silks and lace. Our AW13 vibe is pure sass.”

CULTURAL INFLUENCES: Eugenia: “MCS is influenced by things I see in my day to day life, my beautiful friends and my country.”
Laura: “As a kid I was thrown into the deep end at school. In Triana Sevilla, we learned the sevillanas and lived a dreamy, warm lifestyle. Flamenco and all that comes with it has a big part in my heart. Being a teenager in London, drum and bass parties, acid house and going to heavy metal festivals has to have had an impact. Girl gangs, The Spice Girls and drinking cider are the perfect way to start opening the creative gateways.”

PLANS FOR 2013: Eugenia: “Expand the brand, be able to produce everything we have on mind.”
Laura: “Queen Elizabeth for next MCS girl.”

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Eu Simo Grijalbo
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