DESIGNER NAME: Jerome Lorico

BACKGROUND: Jerome is from Manila, Philippines. He studied design in Tokyo but also has a degree in literature and language from Bicol University of Arts and Sciences. He has collaborated with brands based in his hometown, Manila, such as Folder & Hung and Swatch.

SIGNATURES: “Urban, organic, modern, directional and conceptual.”

TRADEMARK PIECES: “Knits and handmade clothes. Detailed minimalism on monotone pieces.”

IDEAL CLIENT: “Someone who believes in the importance of conceptual and visual design in clothes.”

Company Details

UNIT 5A Gomez Mansions
275 Menlo Street
San Isidro Pasay City

Contact details

Sales Contact

Aren Pe
Tel: +63 (0) 26 24 2238
Mobile: +63 (0) 9178 422828

Press Contact

Will Hsu
Tel: +63 (0) 25 1934 59
Mobile: +63 (0) 9175 225161