The North Circular

The North Circular

DESIGNER NAME: Katherine Poulton

BACKGROUND: Poulton is from Halesowen, on the outskirts of the Black Country, Birmingham. She has been involved in the fashion industry since the age of 14 when she modelled, and then learnt on the job inside the fashion houses of Luella and Roland Mouret between New York, Paris, Milan and London.

SIGNATURES: “Hand-knitted chunky cables and ribs.”

TRADEMARK PIECE: “The knitted bobble hat.”

IDEAL CLIENT: “Stylish lovers of quality and the commitment to sustainable manufacturing.”
THE COLLECTION: “Fascination with tribal costumes led us to analyse the many tribes of the UK. The trademark shapes and heritage patterns of houndstooth, herringbone and stripes in unique shapes -double breasted collar scarves, snood dresses with fine jewellery pins to knitted bobbles and thuggish balaclavas.”

CULTURAL INFLUENCES: “The origins of all our culture begins with nature and our natural environment, so this season we are excited to be collaborating with Greenpeace. We will be highlighting the plight of the Arctic and how we can act to save the North Pole through an interactive presentation of our collection. Our collection will act as the tool to join in this direct activism, inviting guests to add their voice directly to the movement through our interactive presentation.”

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