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barchick Us Brits are famous for our drinking, and London is the epicentre of going-out in Britain. Following the success of last year, London Fashion Week has teamed up with BarChick again - London's latest must-have accessory for anyone heading out in the city; with the inside track on where to go, when to turn up and what to order when you get there. With a free 5 star iPhone app for those out on-the-go, it's a fully-functioning, direct line to London's best bars no matter where you are. Now all you need to do is work out what to wear and who to go out with…

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  • New Kids on the Block

    It’s hard to keep track of new bars and restaurants opening. Thankfully BarChick.com has done the dirty work for you, here are the best new bars and restaurants in town.

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  • After Hours Bars

    Not quite ready to hang up your heels? Let these heroic bars keep you up all night..

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  • Asian Invasion

    It’s the year of the Asian take over and we’re big into that kind of persuasion…

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  • Bars to Blog About - Insta Worthy

    These babies have got something a little more going on, in fact it’s so good you’ll wanna brag about it…

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